Öhlins is not the only brand on the suspension market, but it's for over 30 years thé reference. Are you looking for the best on the market when it comes to suspension, with the highest resale value, than it's Öhlins you need. You can check on www.ohlins.com what's available for your motorcycle, or consult the lists in our 'products' section. As an official Öhlins Service Centre we do not only have access to all latest data, but also to the entire database of existing settings and parts, for street bikes as well as for track bikes, on and off road.
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What goes for Öhlins when it comes to suspension, goes for Brembo when it comes to brakes: not the cheapest, but the best and thé reference. Thanks to our long and still growing collaboration with Brembo and their racing and HPK product lines, we have a large stock of parts, replacement parts and revision kits. You can also contact us if you're in need of advise on use and/or choice.

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Another reference in the racing scene is 2D. This German manufacturer of datarecording systems has been active for almost 20 years. As importer for the Benelux, EMC37 has a direct link with the 2D people when it comes to intensive collaboration and product adjustments. The range of products keeps growing and since a few years, there are also kit systems available for the amateur racer on a national level. You can find a price list in our 'products' section.

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Our Italian colleague Öhlins importer is the Andreani Group. They also produce adaptation kits for different makes and models. Furthermore they also deliver many special tools, such as clamps, test benches and vacuum pumps. As an importer for Belgium we can deliver everything from stock. Non stock items can be delivered on short notice.

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These front forks of Italian origin are one of our bestsellers. The front fork kits have a good price and are of excellent quality. They can be built by EMC37 according to your preferences when it comes to colour and accessories. Definitely worth wile for all those who want to build a special or just want to distinguish themselves from the rest.

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The Poggipolini titanium bolts are not only found on the Ducati racers and Ferrari F1 cars but also on our racks in Schellebelle. Titanium bolts are a difficult business, where quality is concerned as well as availability. Poggipolini only uses the best titanium (grade 5) and we have practically all sizes and models in stock. Hence availability is no problem, whether you are looking for just 1 bolt or for an entire kit for an engine or a chassis.

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Robby Moto Engineering
The CNC milled parts made by Robby Moto Engineering are renown for their excellent finishing and perfect sizes. Foot pegs, triple clams, clip-ons, fuel caps and many other parts delivered in the desired colour and often even available from stock.

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This Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems doesn't need an introduction anymore: top teams from the entire racing scene use their development and production facilities, and we are proud to join them. Almost all of the project-bikes built in our workshop are equipped with Akrapovic exhausts.

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Beta is an Italian supplier of tools and belongs to the top in his market. They have a long and active motorsports history and are still active today through collaborations with a.o. Tamoil Alstare Suzuki, Yamaha motoGP and Yamaha SBK teams. This means that Beta also has all motorcycle related special tools in its range. Our entire workshop and the mobile lab are equipped with Beta tools, with life long guarantee, and a large part of our projects are delivered with a customized Beta tool kit in order to be able to carry out the necessary work. But also if you are in need of a simple size 10 spanner, this is the place to be!

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